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If you are looking for class leading PCB assembly solution that have world leading return on investment then Prey by Detech is exactly what you need.

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Since its beginnings in January 2003 Detech Europe Limited has always brought its customers excellent returns on their investments through its distribution and support channels for many PCB assembly processes. Over the last 3 years as well as continuing to supply equipment from our well established equipment suppliers Detech has developed its own range of UK designed and manufactured class leading ROI manufacturing systems. Detech is proud to launch its new range, Prey By Detech. Offering initially our very own Inline and benchtop AOI, Screen Printing. PCB Handling and Reflow systems we have aimed to bring to a global market excellent quality hardware and software solutions while keeping costs to a minimum.

As part of the exciting new Prey range by Detech, we are proud to announce our inline automated screen printing solutions. These systems have been developed and based upon our many years experience and offer unrivalled value for money.

Our flagship inspection system, the Prey Falcon Plus offers all the capabilities of machines more than twice the cost. A full inline camera-based system with the ability to inspect almost any component.

Our Prey Soldering range of products offers SMT Reflow and Wave Soldering equipment for all size manufacturers and is based uponlistening to what our customers have been asking us to develop over several years.

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