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Vapour Phase

Reflow Ovens, Curing Ovens and Soldering Equipment


VS-500V Vapour Phase Soldering System

The design of the VS-500-V allows for the soldering of even the most complex cards with a max PCB size of 500mm x 500mm x 60mm while ensuring optimal quality thanks to the inert atmosphere resulting from the fluid (medium) used, an incomparable temperature delta across the entire component and no possibility of handling errors during the cycle.

The main applications of this machine are lead and lead-free soldering, conductive adhesives and PCB solder repair.

The machine offers a reduction in fluid consumption using a unique vapour recovery system which greatly reduces production costs and is a quick return on investment with a high capacity for mixed productions and optimum soldering quality in inert atmosphere and vacuum.

The machine also uses a system to compensate for pressure fluctuations in the tank to allow for consistent soldering across the PCB. While implementing these new features the VS-500-V also has a reduced energy consumption while maintaining high reliability for all types of soldering.