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Selective Soldering

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Ant-i1 Offline Selective Soldering System

Our Offline Selective Soldering System, the ANT-i1, offers users a way to accurately and efficiently solder through-hole components. The ANT-i1 effectively solders the back of any through hole components which reduces the amount of solder used, making this system a much more efficient choice. The PCB is moved using an X/Y table controlled by servo motors while the Solder Pot is moved on the Z Axis using a servo motor which also moves the drop jet flux nozzle. The machine comes fully equipped with under PCB preheating, solder pot, inline N2 heater, auto wave height calibration and a live camera feed all controlled via a Windows 10 Industrial PC.

The ANT-i1 software comes equipped with a panelling function which allows users to program only one board and then input the X and Y Distances between each board to easily repeat the same program on multiple boards on a single panel, this also allows you the option to select which boards you do not want to solder. The software also gives the user the ability to store all information from each soldering program which includes details such as the path, speed, pause time, Z axis height, dwell time, temperature as well as what flux was used, which nozzle was used. This allows for easy repeatability to ensure soldering quality.

Mas-i2 Selective Soldering System

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DA350-LFC Wave Soldering System

The DA350-LFC Wave Soldering System by Prey offers a lead-free air and nitrogen soldering system featuring a special strengthening wetting nozzle design to ensure the best solder joint quality and prevents solder dross from staining the PCB. The special ultra-low oxygenation nozzle design means that the solder dross is less than 2.5kg.

Our Wave Soldering System features a solder pot made from either 316L Stainless Steel or Iron with a Ceramic Plating or a Titanium Alloy to ensure a long life time and stability. Featuring a special flux spraying system design also ensures a long life span with a special flux anti-dropping system.