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Reflow Ovens

Reflow Ovens, Curing Ovens and Soldering Equipment

Harrier-6 Reflow Oven

The Harrier-6 Lead Free Reflow Oven by Prey is a compact inline small footprint  soldering solution. The Harrier 6 features six upper heating zones and six lower heating zones which provide a full forced hot air convection system with individual temperature controlled zones. The control system is also equipped with two thermocouple ports so that thermocouples can be connected to test and quick test the oven profile. The conveyor system combines a 330mm mesh belt combined with a 300mm pin conveyor for full inline reflow capability. The machine can be provided in either single of 3 phase configurations and is built to be fully smema ready with sensors and adjustable height levels.

The Harrier-6 also comes with 3 different start up profiles to allow for low power start up. With a heated tunnel length in excess of 1500mm combined with adjustable belt speed control allows for great flexibility for such a small footprint system. The Harrier-6, like all Prey products, is backed by UK based spare parts and is fully CE Certified.

GS Series Reflow Oven

The GS Series Reflow Ovens by Prey offer both an air and nitrogen variant  as well as a single and dual lane depending on your production requirements. It features a side to side re-circulation heating module design with independent blowing gas and returning gas circulation for the best heating stability. With advanced heat processing technology provides the best uniformity and repeatability for the best performance on 0201 and 01005 component soldering.

Our reflow series also features superior heating and cooling transfer performance with over temperature protection and an automatic lubrication system. The conveyor system uses motorised width adjustment for smooth and easy adjustment to the conveyor. It also includes built in UPS protection for unmatched up-time and ease of accessibility.

DR Series Curing Oven

The DR series by Prey offers a vertical curing oven used for glue curing after PCBA coating which helps to save space in the factory. It features a user friendly touch control panel with four independent heating zones each featuring over temperature protection and allows you to set a custom glue curing time to meet your production requirements.