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Osprey- Coating Machine

The Prey Osprey is a High Performance 4 axis Selective Coating Machine which is equipped with a high precision servo control system, various valves, CCD System, material tank weight detection system, which can provide a high efficiency conformal coating solution.

The Osprey adopts a high strength welded frame with X/Y/Z/R Panasonic Servo Motors and ball screws to ensure high speed and stability. The valves are capable of rotating up to ±180 degrees to allow for coating the side of components, with a variety of high precision valves the Harrier can meet different coating requirements. The optional CCD system can be used for programming and mark recognition.


UVC-502 - UV Curing Machine

The UVC-502 Series UV Curing Machine is equipped with two groups of quality metal halid lamps which are suitable for conformal coating material curing. It uses a teflon mesh belt conveyor for the offline mode and a stainless steel pin chain for the inline mode, both support upto 400mm wide PCBs which are fed through an 800mm long curing tunnel. The curing tunnel features an aluminium-magnesium alloy reflector, which reflects more than 95% of the ultraviolet light.

DR-400 - Vertical Curing Oven

The DR-400 Vertical Curing Oven by Prey is used for glue curing after PCBA coating which helps to save space in the factory. It features a user friendly touch control panel with four independent heating zones each with over temperature protection and allows you to set a custom glue curing time to meet your production requirement. It uses a metal chain conveyor inside with motorised width adjustment.