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Detech has being working tirelessly over during the covid-19 pandemic as we feel that once things start to settle back to normal there will be a demand for people to carry on improving their processes but with probably stricter budgets in place. With this in mind we are proud announce our launch of the new Prey Printing Hawk inline screen printer complete with underscreen clean and 2D inspection.

The system benefits from the usual attention to detail we have with all of the products we bring to market combined with our user friendly approach to software interfaces, our key is to have whatever equipment you take from any of our ranges to feel similar and maintain our company philosophy of keeping the machines simple to use.

We have many years experience in screen printing and believe we have a system that will satisfy a large proportion of the market at an affordable price of around £30,000 for an inline solution with inspection.

We look forward to bringing you exclusive video and updates on this exciting product as launch approached on October 1st 2020.

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